• Chameleon

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    Chameleon is a file copier running under 8-bit ProDOS, that can copy files between DOS 3.3 – ProDOS – Pascal – CP/M disks. It was written a long time ago, and although it can handle simple ProDOS 3.5″ disks, it cannot handle hard drives with their larger directories.

    p8.icon Download Chameleon translator (30Kb)

  • Babelfish

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    Babelfish is Seven Hills Software file translation system for the IIgs. A number of plugin translators are provided, and full programming documentation is in the PDF manual. We would encourage new plugins to be written, as there are some gaps in what Babelfish can currently do.

    pdf.icon  Download the Babelfish manual (263Kb)

    s16.icon Download the Babelfish file translation system (204Kb)

    pdf.icon  Download the Minimac Manager documentation (28Kb)

    s16.icon Download the Minimac Plugin (4Kb)

  • NiftySpell

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    NiftySpell (Freeware Edition), by Chris Vavruska, is a spell checker NDA for the IIGs. It works with any application that uses the TextEdit Tool for word processing. It comes with two dictionaries, and full instructions on how to use it. Available either as a 2Mg image, or a BXY file.

    disk.iconDownload NiftySpell 1.2 disk image (2mg – 1.5Mb)

    nda.icon  Download the NiftySpell 1.2 NDA (1Mb)

  • Apple2000 & BASUG

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    Apple2000 (formerly BASUG) was a user group that ran in the UK from 1981 to 1992. It published regular bi-monthly magazines devoted to the Apple II and Macintosh line, and had a regular stand at computer shows in the UK. The entire set of their published scanned magazines, including other related material, is available from here.

  • Download Hints

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    This web site has many different kinds of files available for downloading. The PDF files can be downloaded and saved, or will open in most web browsers, and the other files may be downloaded directly when you click on them. If they open as garbled text in your web browser, try right clicking, and saving the file to disk instead. ZIPped files will need to be first unzipped on the host computer. BXY and SHK files will need to be opened with ShrinkIt, GSHK, or Balloon. Disk images can either be mounted directly to the IIgs, or mounted with emulators such as Sweet16. If you are using a IIgs, either real or emulated, you can often transfer files quickly into your IIgs from your host computer by using the SAFE2 FTP application.