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    This web site is dedicated to the Apple ][ and IIgs 8 and 16 bit computers, and holds the majority of the software I have written over the last 30 years or so. You will also find links to Joe Kohn’s Shareware Solutions magazine archives, the Apple2000 user group magazine archives, and to the other web sites that I host.

    On this web site you will find Spectrum™, the ultimate desktop communications application for the IIgs, SAFE2 an FTP client, SAM2 an email client, SNAP an NNTP client, and a host of  utilities such as the BrkDown disassembler, the Phoenix file un-deleter, and the file editor ChewBagger, all for the IIgs.

    For legacy users, there are Antelope and Gazelle, both 8-bit communications programs for the Apple ][, //e and //c, and the TABBS library archive CD, which holds a vast amount of software gathered from the early years of BBS systems in the UK.

    Someone once said to me “Spectrum™ does everything!”

  • Download Hints

    This web site has many different kinds of files available for downloading. The PDF files can be downloaded and saved, or will open in most web browsers, and the other files may be downloaded directly when you click on them. If they open as garbled text in your web browser, try right clicking, and saving the file to disk instead. ZIPped files will need to be first unzipped on the host computer. BXY and SHK files will need to be opened with ShrinkIt, GSHK, or Balloon. Disk images can either be mounted directly to the IIgs, or mounted with emulators such as Sweet16. If you are using a IIgs, either real or emulated, you can often transfer files quickly into your IIgs from your host computer by using the SAFE2 FTP application.