Antelope & Gazelle

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Originally released as Data Highway™ in 1985, Antelope is the Freeware version of this venerable DOS 3.3 telecommunications program. Antelope is supplied as a SHK 5.25” disk image. Antelope uses the Super Serial Card, and other common serial cards.

pdf.icon  Read the Antelope reference manual (1.1Mb)

disk.icon Download the Antelope disk image (61Kb)

Gazelle is a ProDOS 8-bit telecommunications program for the //e, //c and IIgs, written by me nearly 30 years ago before Spectrum was born. Handy for those who wish to communicate with the world using their 8-bit computers. Gazelle is supplied as a zipped file holding assorted disk images. Gazelle uses the Super Serial Card, and other common serial cards.

pdf.icon  Read the Gazelle reference manual (1.2Mb)

zip.icon  Download the Gazelle disk image (278Kb)

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